Tasche - Transport - HARD Cheng-Ho 1/10 LARGE Hauler für Crawler / MT

Tasche - Transport - HARD Cheng-Ho 1/10 LARGE Hauler für Crawler / MT

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HARD9023 - Cheng-Ho Hauler Bag The convenience of being able to store and carry your RC gear really makes racing a whole lot easier. Knowing where every tool or part is stored reduces maintenance Ɵmes and lets you get on with racing your car HARD, a manufacturer of high quality tools and hardwa re are conƟnually looking for ways to make RC racing easier. With this in mind, they are proud to present their latest item. The 1/10 th large crawler bag. The H.A.R.D. Compact-Line 1/ 10 th large crawler bag is the ideal soluƟon for all of your storage needs. Made from the highest quality materials and co nstructed to last, you’ll find its big enough to carry your ca r and R/C gear to each meeƟng without the inconvenie nce of being heavy. Made from super strong Styrofoam, its aƩracƟve shape and styling makes it the perfect R/C accessory. Consider purchasing one today and find out how correctly stored R/C gear can make racing a whole lot easier. Opening the bag is a simple process of unzipping one or both of the zips. The top of the bag then liŌs up and can be moved out of the way. The front folds down to make accessing the boxes and your gear effortless. No need to liŌ items out or having to remove the top box to reach the boƩom one. Features:  High Quality materials  Ideal Size for Carrying  Special Lock Zipper Design  Extremely Durable  Pocket for Extra Storage  ReflecƟve Safety Strap  Box size 60 x 30 x 30cm HARD9023 Cheng-Ho 1/10 Hauler Bag

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